I was rebuilding an old motorcycle and the bushing inserts I got for the swingarm weren't right - I mean they were the right part number, and the length and outside diameter were correct, but the inside diameter was too big, so the whole swingarm would bounce around. » 3/06/15 1:43pm Today 1:43pm

Funny you should post this today... I'm heading over to the LGS after work today to start the paperwork process for a can. I'm trying to get my wife more involved with my hobby, but she has very sensitive hearing (she can hear anything, I swear) and she's recoil adverse. So I'm starting off with a .22 can (looking… » 3/06/15 11:42am Today 11:42am

When I was young and stupid (as opposed to old and stupid), I decided to max out my Pontiac Grand Prix GT. It was late at night, long straight road, in farm country. I could probably have still hit a deer or stray cow or something, but no people were around. It rocked up to almost 100MPH, then physics kicked in and… » 3/04/15 2:18pm Wednesday 2:18pm

But progressive jail sentences don't make any sense compared to progressive fines. When you comment a jailable offense, it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, we all live about the same amount of time (80 years is about the average lifespan in developed nations). So getting 20 years in jail is going to take the… » 3/04/15 12:28pm Wednesday 12:28pm

Spot on. I suppose its an interesting path to take by Ford, this car packs a lot of punch and technological advancement, but with that comes great risk. I'm firmly in the V8 camp, and frankly think they could have made a much safer bet by banking on their heritage, putting a V8 in it, and adjusting the price down to… » 3/03/15 4:40pm Tuesday 4:40pm

I love crazy mash-up parts bin specials, so I wholeheartedly approve. And you already covered the one glaring issue I would've point out, and that is the transmission. I know next to nothing about Chrysler products, so do a little digging, see what gearbox it uses, maybe it's pretty stout and just needs a better… » 3/03/15 11:41am Tuesday 11:41am

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