This is a question I consider on a regular basis. In the next year or two I'd like to trade in my Cruze, and I'm strongly tempted to pick up an ATS. I want the 2.0 Turbo with the manual. It comes with Brembo brakes, LSD, everything I need and nothing I don't. » 1/02/14 9:58pm 1/02/14 9:58pm

I have no suggestions, but I kind of love these cars. A good friend of mine had one back when we were in high school. It was the non-turbo version. It would go 0-60 sometimes. We once pegged the speedo at 85mph, and it was one of the scariest rides I've ever been on in my life. » 1/01/14 8:41pm 1/01/14 8:41pm

Not exactly a car engine, but close... The Honda RC211V MotoGP engine, a 75.5 degree V5 engine. Rumor has it the rear cylinders displaced slightly more than the forward 3, but I don't think that's ever been confirmed. I imagine this thing makes some odd vibrations, but has a complicated split pin crank, and I would… » 12/09/13 4:16pm 12/09/13 4:16pm

Sort of, I believe this is the RC8R, which means it's stripped of certain things necessary for street riding like turn signals and mirrors. That said, you can have an RC8, which is essentially the same bike plus all the required bits to allow it on the open road. When I did my track day a few years ago, one of the… » 6/27/13 6:42pm 6/27/13 6:42pm

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